I’m Rebecca Hill, a front-end web developer originally from Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m a pretty rare mix of tech wizardry, strategic knowledge, communication and management skills, having worked as both a project manager and developer. I also dabble in a few circus arts in my spare time, which prevents me from being eternally sucked into the rabbit-hole that is the internet!

About This Site

This site was built on WordPress, with a custom theme designed by yours truly, using the Underscores boilerplate. The fonts used are Adelle and PT Sans, supplied by Typekit, and the sweet background textures are adapted from Rounded Hexagon. It’s hosted on Media Temple, and the tech used in back includes Sass, Grunt, MAMP, Github, Sublime Text 3, Javascript, jQuery and PHP. The animations are done with the help of Skrollr, Ajaxify, GifLinks, and I’ve written the rest. I’ve also played with some cool tech like CSS Blend Modes, Shapes, SVG animations, scrolling animations and animated GIFs. Oh and you can check out my mini-style guide here.